Hi, my name is

Suje Garcia 👋

"As a former combat medic, health care for all has always been important to me."

About Suje's runway look

"My design is inspired by the Roman god Janus, who is attributed to beginnings, endings, passages, duality, and a seer of time. I am most interested in how creative minds have a way of encouraging others. Through this I find myself drawn to communities that inspire this prosperity."


Meet Suje

Before Suje was a designer, he was a military combat medic who enjoyed making art when he wasn't in the front lines. After serving many years caring for people across the U.S. and all over the world, he decided to wrap up his career in military medicine to study art.

"Throughout my time, there have been many events that have taken place where I needed to act quickly to help people and their lives.  I have gotten to where I am now because of the many people who spent their lives caring for others. "

Why he stands with Planned Parenthood

Suje’s relationship with Planned Parenthood started over 25 years ago. He’s both supported Planned Parenthood through projects like Condom Couture Charlotte (and now in Atlanta), and benefitted from Planned Parenthood’s affordable healthcare. 

"Planned Parenthood has been helping people like me, my friends, and my loved ones for as long as I can remember. Helping them is a realistic way I can continue to make a difference by ensuring that they continue to help others."

Suje's runway look helped raise $20,000+

All tickets, sponsorships, and auction sales benefit Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates