Hi, my name is

Mica Owens đź‘‹

"At what point are young people old enough to learn about sex? If you're not being taught properly in school or your parents, you’re going to have to learn from someone else."

Fun Fact

Originally from Salt Lake City, UT

Design Background

Theatre & Circus Arts

Condom Couture Design

Jewelry and body chains

Meet Mica

When Mica needed a way to express her creativity, she turned to jewelry-making. What makes Mica’s style unique? She loves tapping into her feminine side while turning the concept itself on its head—making people rethink what it means. 

"Jewelry making was something I got into within the last year simply because I saw something I liked and figured I could make it myself. I didn't realize how much I would enjoy  jewelry making and design,  until I saw how much people love the custom jewelry I make for them."

Why she stands with Planned Parenthood

Growing up in Utah, Mica was surrounded by sexual censorship and miseducation. When her friends needed Planned Parenthood services, Mica was the one who supported them every step of the way—including blocking them from all the protestors spewing hurtful rhetoric. Today, Mica supports all those whom Planned Parenthood serves through condom-centric jewelry and body pieces for auction at Condom Couture ATL. To Mica, one of the most important things Planned Parenthood does is educate people—especially teens—in a non-judgemental way.

"After seeing how protestors made her second-guess her choice on top of already knowing how difficult this decision was for her, I instantly knew that I would stand to protect Planned Parenthood, its services, and those who need their care, no matter what."

See Mica's design come alive on the runway

All tickets, sponsorships, and auction sales benefit Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates