Hi, my name is

Fatima Said ๐Ÿ‘‹

"I want to show that sexuality and sexual health is a human subject, no matter what one believes, looks like or how one lives."

About Fatima's runway look

"Sex and reproductive health is something that isn't really spoken openly about in the Muslim community, so I wanted to create a hijabi-inspired piece. I wore a hijab for most of my life, and there's such a misconception that Muslims, especially hijabis, DON'T have sex (outside of marriage) or that we aren't sexual beings. This is a misconception within the Muslim community AND outside of it, and it's just not true."


Meet Fatima

Fatima got her start in design by volunteering in theatrical costume teams to help create costumes for plays.  Growing up as a Hijabi Muslim, Fatima was sheltered from sexual and reproductive health education. 

"There's such a misconception that Muslims, especially hijabis, aren't sexual beings. I grew up in a strict Muslim household, and talking about sex was an absolute no-no for us. Because of this I had very little sex and reproductive health education, which put me in some pretty risky situations." 

Why she stands with Planned Parenthood

Fatima wants to show the importance of discussing sexual safety and health by putting a Hijabi-friendly ensemble on the Condom Couture ATL runway. She reminds us that people from all backgrounds have shared experiences, and that we all should have access to Planned Parenthood's services and education.  

"It's so important for people to have affordable and easily accessible health care. I had no insurance when I found out I needed to take care of my sexual health. Planned Parenthood provided me with health services, education, AND a safe space to talk and learn about sex and my overall reproductive health. I support Planned Parenthood because they've always been there for me."

Fatima's runway look helped raise $20,000+

All tickets, sponsorships, and auction sales benefit Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates