Hi, my name is Diego Serna 👋

"You are not taking away from yourself if you are helping other people."

About Diego's runway look

"I wanted to create a stained glass inspired look. My vision was for the corset to resemble a cathedral, therefore, creating the peaks with the crosses on the breasts and the center part. 

I also wanted to incorporate as much imagery as possible from the Catholic and Christian religion so I reinvented the sacred heart by switching the crown of thorns to a snake, and adding a bite mark to the heart to also resemble the apple. I added the dove on the sides to represent the Holy Spirit and chose yellow for her pants to give her more of a Sun-inspired feel."

DESIGNED BY DIEGO SERNA, Modeled by Ivy Fischer, photo by Joel David

Meet Diego

Diego has been designing since he was 17, and today, he’s sharing bold looks on the Condom Couture ATL runway. His looks are rooted in the idea that God is a woman. And to keep things #extravagant, he’s using inspiration from stain glass and heavenly bodies.

"Through doing theater and circus arts. My needs for costumes led me to having to construct my own. "

Why he stands with Planned Parenthood

Diego supports Planned Parenthood to support others—namely his friend’s daughter who is disabled and receives her healthcare from their affordable Southeast clinics. Diego is sharing Condom Couture ATL ensembles to give a voice to those who don’t have the same platform. 

"Planned Parenthood is a huge help to our communities and I’d like to be involved in the positive impact that they bring."

Diego's runway look helped raise $20,000+

All tickets, sponsorships, and auction sales benefit Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates