Jessica Massey

Event Director / Producer / Art Director

Jess is definitely a doer obviously since she's this years Condom Couture Event Director, Producer and a designer. You might know her from the Better Sexpectations podcast, from hosting fundraisers that benefit the ATL community, from designing costumes for drag shows, or from any number of film projects. She’s a creator at heart, and her design is sure to reflect her one-of-a-kind, curious nature.

Amy Anderson

Communications Director / Co-Producer

Amy has been writing for CCATL since the first event in 2019. Today, Amy is also the Communications Director responsible for CCATL copywriting and internal coordination alongside Jessica Massey and Felicia Julien. She has always been very passionate about reproductive rights (a top concern even before she started having sex). Amy believes all people deserve judgement-free care, and is proud to stand with Planned Parenthood.

Felicia Julien


After being diagnosed with PCOS, Felicia saw firsthand how important Planned Parenthood’s lifesaving care is to our community. That’s why Felicia founded CCATL in 2019—to fight for affordable healthcare for all. Felicia has also designed for CCATL 2019 and 2020. Felicia strives to bring artists and strong-willed people together to change the future of USA’s healthcare, beginning with supporting Planned Parenthood SE Advocates.

Paulus AbuakeL

DP & Editor

Paulus does it all. He’s our DP, editor, camera operator, and grip. Recently, Paulus has been working with The Yes Life to create The Garage, a live bi-weekly concert showcasing exceptional talent in just one take. He supports Planned Parenthood because he stands with everyone in the community and believes all people have the right to affordable, quality healthcare—regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or financial class.

Taylor McCormick

360 & Headshot Photographer

Taylor took all CCATL 2020 headshots and 360 design photos. She is also a visual artist, as well as a freelance compositor and retoucher. Her work has been in exhibitions in New York City, The Hamptons, Hong Kong, Savannah, and of course Atlanta. Taylor supports Planned Parenthood because she stands with her community.

Becca Del Plato

Camera Operator & Assistant Editor

Becca is our camera operator and assistant editor. She is also a producer, writer, and director with her own production company. In 2020, she produced a feature-length film called Persephone and the Hum for She ATL Arts Summer Theatre Festival. Becca’s mantra is “follow the fun” and she definitely upheld it for CCATL. She supports Planned Parenthood because they provide critical, judgement-free healthcare to all people.

Mobs Robertson

Content Creator

Mobs took photos at CCATL 2019, and returned in 2020 as a content creator. In her words, she likes to make “tasty content for your eyeballs to snack on.” Mobs is a digital media creative who works for @butter.ATL—so if you have an Instagram, you’ve seen her work. She supports Planned Parenthood because their affordable healthcare takes care of vulnerable people and she believes in a person’s right to have an abortion.

Leigh Harmer

Still Photographer

Leigh captured our action and behind-the-scenes photos. She is also a filmmaker, illustrator, and storyteller. She makes everything from zines to short films, and has been featured at festivals including Miami Independent Film Festival, Loyola University Feminist Fest, and Buried Alive Film Fest. Leigh supports Planned Parenthood because she believes accessible healthcare is the key to building strong communities and making the world a better place.

Durz Henderson

Set Design

Durz, also known as Jimberly Squirts, is an artist, drag queen, theatrical producer, and costume designer. Durz first got his start in the drag community four years ago and has self-produced multiple shows. Along with his ensemble for CCATL 2020, Durz created the beautiful stage theach designer will be walking on with art directions by Jessica Massey.